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The Amen

the amen

A few things caught my attention when I first visited the Reformed Evangelical Church in Auzonville Road, Tunapuna, almost ten years ago. One of them was the use of the "Amen" at the end of the hymns that were sung in the worship service. I had not seen this practiced in any of the churches I had visited before. It seemed to me that the congregation was adding a solemn agr...

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Christian Responses to Significant Events


It is almost three weeks since the USA presidential elections as I write this post. In the run up to the elections, Christians in and out of America were far from unanimous in their choice of candidate for President. Now that the results appear to be more or less settled, Evangelical Christians are trying to make Biblical sense of the outcome. What are the implications for...

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Promise of Adoption


It is true that the Bible presents a prosperity gospel. But it's not about the sensual health and wealth message that is drawing many souls to destruction in places like Africa, Latin America and right here in the Caribbean. Rather, the prosperity of the Biblical gospel is found in the lavish or abounding grace of God in His adopting us as sons. It's an exceedingly great a...

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Amazing Water


Amidst all the misery and gloom, there is still a sense of purpose in the universe. For example, the teleological evidence uncovered by scientists with regard to the lowly substance that we call water points to its fitness for supporting life on Earth. The scientific community is finally coming to terms with the fact that the conditions for life on Earth are no accident an...

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How Easy Is Your Livestream Worship?


How Easy Is Your Livestream Worship? God is really good. We know that the present pandemic and its effects on the world are according to His will. While we cannot gather together in churches as we are accustomed, we are thankful that He has made it possible for His people to continue to worship Him via livestream broadcasts on such platforms as the Youtube channel. And, p...

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