Our Mission

"The church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth"

1 Timothy 3:15

There is no shortage of churches in our country of Trinidad & Tobago and they are all competing for your attention. How do you choose a church to attend or become a part of? We want to answer this question by telling you what kind of church we are and invite you to consider our church.


of adoption

Of Adoption

The doctrine of adoption in the order of salvation reveals God's glory. J I. Packer said of adoption that it is "the highest privilege that the gospel offers".1 John Murray offered similar sentiments when he wrote that adoption is the "

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Inaccurate Theology

I am following a new plan for my daily Bible reading in 2023. It's a chronological reading of the entire Word of God in one year. Many books have been written to help readers to appreciate the importance of understanding the "big pictur

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peace and joy

Peace and Joy

The 'Peace and Joy Principle' was taught recently by one of my Biblical Counselling lecturers Joe Propri, and it is a simple and incredibly helpful biblical truth - My peace and joy do not depend on anything but operating in the Spirit

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