Isa.43:25,  I, even I, am the One who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins.

Note the following.

“I, even I” is repetition for intensity and emphasis.

“Wipes” – sin blots you.  God wipes clean sin’s blots.

“For My own sake” – the reason for God forgiving you is not in you. The reason is in God and for His glory.

“Not remember” – forgiveness is not God’s promise to forget your sins.  Forgiveness is akin to a burial and is God’s promise that He will never bring up again the dead decaying body of your sins and hold them against you.  Psa.32:1  says,  “How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!

Satan will go to the graveyard of your sins bring up your forgiven sins and accuse you, mock you and disrupt your peace with God.  When Satan attacks you, go to God in prayer and thank Him afresh for His loving & gracious forgiveness of your sins.

A person may say, “Yes, I know God has forgiven me but I can’t forgive myself.”  There is no verse in the Bible that calls on you to forgive yourself.  To say you cannot forgive yourself is unbiblical, arrogance & folly.

When you “remember” your forgiven sins, you dig up afresh and bring to mind that decaying stench which God has buried and ought to stay buried. At the same time you must also know that God chooses to not  “remember”  your forgiven sins.

On the other hand, you can let the remembrance of your sins be a reminder of God’s grace to you and God’s warning to you to flee from sin.

Your eschatological hope is this – there is a day coming when God will wipe away from your mind every memory of your sins.  The graveyard of your sins will not accompany you to heaven.  Then you will be able to truly say,  “Free!!  Free!!  Free at last and forever!!!.  


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